Livery Round Table
43-23 35th Street
Long Island City, NY 11101
P: 917-740-6707
F: 917-398-1315

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Purpose & Intent


The purpose of The Livery Round Table is to act as a “coordinating council” to address common problems unique to the Community Base Livery operators and chauffeurs in the New York area. We will use legal means to best serve our segment of the industry with all regulator agencies, governmental agencies and other association and to collaborate with appropriate professional representatives to achieve the best considerations for all members. We will cooperate with related industries, organization and agencies to act in a manner consistent with the riding public as well as the best interests of the livery industry. We will also work closely with vendors, support services, airport authorities to ensure that the needs and concerns of our members are being considered.  


Our Goals  

The Livery Round Table goals are to coordinate, help, assist and advance the interest of all members in the best interest of the our segment of the industry to:  

  • Provide a forum to share ideas, concerns and best industry practices.
  • Act as coordinator and facilitator for members needs.
  • Enable a sharing of information on important issues.
  • Assist group to increase membership.
  • visit us guidance, suggestions and materials for members to best operate their own groups involving administration, accounting and overall management.
  • Develop relationships visit us all regulatory and legislative agencies to prevent actions to be taken without due process or the interests of the livery industry considered.
  • Provide a central physical and internet buy retin-a of contact for the flow of information and to publish items of interest, calendars of events and news.
  • To create and improve the general public’s image of the livery industry.
  • Develop and support professional code of ethics and standards.
  • To use all methods to help members businesses grow and improve operations.
  • To provide training and benefits for all members in good standing.